Different Advertising Methods For Your Internet Home Business

June 21, 2017

Many people, when starting a home based business, get excited, soak up information about their new internet home business and then do NOTHING or very little to market their business. For people to see and act upon the many home business opportunities online, they need to come through an advertising medium. People will not just stumble across your website, you have to drive targeted people to your website.

Your internet home based business needs ‘eyes on your website’ and lots of them, but how do you get them there?

When it comes to advertising there are several different methods you can implement, I recommend mastering two main advertising methods and then trying out many more, spend 80% of your marketing time on two main advertising methods, then use the extra 20% of your time, experimenting with different online marketing avenues.

Online advertising, is obviously what you’re all about, internet advertising is definitely the ultimate advertising medium for your home based business. There are hundreds of ways to advertise online, article marketing, press releases, PPC, web 2.0, blogs, pictures, video, pod casts, solo ads, co reg leads, banner advertising, etc, etc. There is NO magic button, just systems of advertising that you study, implement and repeat, over and over again! To me, nothing comes close to internet advertising, it’s great fun, exciting and extremely rewarding.

Even though you have an internet home based business, many people fail to realise the power of offline marketing.

Newspaper, Business Card and Flier Advertising

You can also get some really cheap classified ad spaces in your local newspapers. We all know how powerful the newspapers are. They cover all the news, good and bad, show job listings, and even advertise businesses. Though major ads can be quite costly, depending on how big you want the ad to be and how long you want it to run, it is still one of today’s best methods in getting the word out there about you, your business and what you can do for the public and you don’t have to go for a major ad, go for the less expensive classified ads section. Get some business cards made, quality business cards, not cheap tacky ones, you never know who’s hands they may end up in. One of my good friends has a certain flier made and he gets amazing results from it, so look into getting some original fliers designed and printed.

Television Advertising Local and National

This next offline advertising medium usually comes into play later on, but just to remind you, television advertising is yet another expensive, but effective, way to get the word out. Most people in Europe and America own a television. You know as well as I do that when you are right in the middle of the best part of your favorite tv show, there comes a commercial break. Commercials are where people who run businesses or offer some sort of service, get the chance to explain about their product(s) and try to get you to buy from them or use their services instead of someone else’s.

Once you are successful, TV advertising must be considered, especially local TV. Why not put your service out there for the public to see and decide if it is something they want or need. You might be surprised how many actually watch the commercials.

How to Be an Internet Online Marketing Advertising Business

June 21, 2017

Most of the areas around the united states have small businesses that are the experts at what they do, but, they are the best kept secret in town. If someone gets an award for best kept secret, that is not really an accolade, that just means that that business is terrible at marketing! Why do you have some businesses that are mediocre and booming while others are fantastic but their business is suffering? It all comes down to marketing.

Unfortunately most advertising agencies would have you create some fancy, award winning mailer or logo/banner or even a website. However, most advertising that wins awards don’t sell and most advertising that sells doesn’t win awards! If you truly want to help yours or other small businesses in your area, you need to do online internet advertising that is pay for performance and geographically targeted to get maximum results.

Google rewards relevance and when you target geographically they want to show your ad to those in your area. This is how you can compete in a competitive niche with the big boys. So, if you want to generate some consulting money in your area, learn Google AdWords and how to target geographically and then market that service to businesses in your area. The chances are, unless you are in a huge market, that none of the businesses will be doing this and you will be able to dominate niches in your area. So you can either do this for small businesses as a consultant or you can setup your own capture pages to capture and sell the leads themselves to those businesses. Either way, this is very profitable and no other marketing/advertising can really compete against you you are pay for performance, have the ability to split test and can have your clients track their return on investment.